MinerUpdate is the leading crypto mining publication. Our team covers the latest crypto mining news and research from both the East and West.

There has historically been a disconnect between the East and West when it comes to Bitcoin mining. Despite a dominant share of Bitcoin hash rate residing within Chinese borders, Western understanding of what takes place in the Chinese Bitcoin mining industry is typically poor.

Furthermore, news developments taking place in China are typically spun out of context in Western media commonly resulting in FUD. With our global team, we address this disconnect and provide the most up to date and accurate information of what is evolving in the global crypto mining scene.

Mining has also historically been a secretive industry. Those entering the mining industry often face unsurrmountable barriers when seeking to get access to high-quality information. Through our work in the crypto mining industry, MinerUpdate has access to a valuable network of the leading miners and mining companies. This network of miners will only willing to share information with us as long as they believe we are doing a service for the mining industry. This serves to align the interests of MinerUpdate with the interests of the wider mining industry, incentivising us to always report the most accurate and trustworthy information.

MinerSummit 2019
Panel Discussion at Global Mining Leaders Summit 2019

MinerUpdate is ad-free, bias-free, with no conflict of interest when it comes to delivering high-quality content. In October 2019, the MinerUpdate team hosted global mining leaders in Chengdu for the first English crypto mining event in China.

What We Do

Our work at MinerUpdate covers the following crypto mining related content and activites.

Miner Insights – Articles reporting on the latest research and news developments in the crypto mining world, oftentimes compiling research from several different sources and the findings into the wider macroeconomic narrative.

MinerUpdate interview with Slush Pool team
MinerUpdate interviews Slush Pool team

Mining Leaders Interview Series – The MinerUpdate editorial team regularly connects with the founders and chief innovators in the mining industry worldwide. To date, MinerUpdate has interviewed Poolin co-founder Chris Zhu, the Slush Pool core team, and Matt Corallo.

MinerUpdate Database – The MinerUpdate compiles information on the leading companies in the crypto mining industry. The database covers hardware companies, mining pools, cloud mining companies, and hosting service providers.

International Conferences & Events – After phenomenal feedback from organising Global Mining Leaders Summit 2019, the MinerUpdate team is planning to host more crypto mining conferences and events in 2020.