Founded in 2013, Bitmain transforms computing by building industry-defining technology in cryptocurrency, blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Bitmain is the largest Bitcoin ASIC hardware manufacturer. As of December 2019, it is estimated that Bitmain holds a market share of 64.5% in the Bitcoin ASIC manufacturing market.

Bitmain also operates Bitcoin mining pools and Antpool. Bitmain also holds a share in ViaBTC.

A leader in the still-nascent, high-growth blockchain technology ecosystem, Bitmain supports a wide array of blockchain platforms and startups, and actively participates in industry and community development.

Bitmain is active in the AI industry since late 2015, launching its first AI deep learning chip in 2017 under the Sophon brand, followed by a second-generation AI chip with five times the performance. These AI chip products extend capabilities in applications such as machine vision, data centers, supercomputing and robotics.

Bitmain is headquartered in Beijing with offices throughout China, including Hong Kong, and with global offices worldwide.