Blockware Solutions

Updated: March 2020

Blockware Solutions, LLC is a North American Bitcoin ASIC hardware distributor and Bitcoin Mining pool. Blockware Solutions brokerage business acquires hardware directly from foreign manufacturers and distributes ASIC mining rigs to customers across the United States. Blockware also facilitates a P2P market in the United States for used mining rig equipment.

Blockware Mining, LLC, an entity established by Blockware Solutions CEO Matt D’Souza, operates a Bitcoin mining facility in Kentucky. Blockware Mining, LLC They offers a turn-key solution that allows US Miners to purchase on-site Antminer s17+’s with colocation services for an electricity rate of 5.75c-6.7c

Over 140 PH is currently connected to the Blockware Bitcoin mining pool. The mining pool currently ranks in the top twenty mining pools for hash rate connected to the pool. The mining pool employs a 2% Pay Per Share+ (PPS+) reward payout scheme.

Mining rigs in Blockware’s Kentucky facility are used for the company’s proprietary mining operations and also for offering hosting contracts. Customers of Blockware can purchase rigs from the brokerage business and also have the option to enter into a hosting contract to deploy the rigs within the Kentucky facility.

Blockware regularly releases research reports which have garnered considerable attention in the mining industry. Their research reports generate insights from the team’s expertise visiting mining operations worldwide and data from their brokerage operation.

Matt D’Souza is a co-founder of Blockware Solutions and acts as CEO of the brokerage and of Blockware Mining. Other core members of Blockware Solutions include co-founder Sam Chwarzynski, co-founder and COO Mason Jappa, Jason Zaluski, and George Adams.

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