Updated: 2nd December 2019

PandaMiner is a Shenzhen-based mining hardware company which also provides hosting services and operates an Ethereum mining pool. The company was founded by its current CEO Guo Weicheng in 2016. Before starting PandaMiner, Geo Weicheng is noted to have been an early Litecoin miner. PandaMiner operates under the same legal entity that operates the OXBTC brand. OXBTC is a cloud mining services platform.

PandaMiner has predominantly provided GPU mining hardware products. The first batch of GPU mining products went on pre-sale on November 12th 2016. PandaMiner currently sells the PandaMiner B3 mining rig which is an AMD-based GPU mining rig. Each PandaMiner B3 mining rig holds 8 GPUs and there are several versions available to customers based on the model of GPU the rig contains. For example, the PandaMiner B3 Pro contains 8 AMD RX470 GPUs.

The company started selling 12nm Bitcoin ASIC mining rigs in Q4 2018 and currently offers the PandaMiner P3 model. For purchasers of PandaMiner hardware, hosting services are also an option. The hardware can be delivered directly to farms owned by the company and mine at an electricity rate of 0.45 RMB per kWh (roughly $0.064).

PandaMiner launched a mining pool for the Ethereum network in 2018. As of 2nd December 2019, their Ethereum mining pool holds the twentieth-largest share of hash rate among Ethereum mining pools.

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