Hashrate Index Launches Alpha for New Mining Data Site

In an announcement post on Twitter, Hashrate Index revealed a new data website for everything Mining related.

Talking to co-founder, Ethan Vera we learned more about the project. “We built Hashrate Index as a play to professionalize the mining industry. We know that the mining value chain is incredibly opaque, from machine pricing to hashrate liquidation. Hashrate Index is aimed at adding transparency to the industry and helping miners, investors, traders and financers better interact in the ecosystem. Hashrate Index is entirely user-driven. We want to build things of value for the mining community so are gathering feedback and product requests from everyone.”

The site contains four sections: Hashprice Index, Rig Price Indices, Rig Reviews, and Mining Colocations. 

Hashprice Index

The Hashprice Index tracks the revenue miners receive for their reward. It is an estimate of the industry-wide post-fee FPPS rate that mining pools pay to miners for hashrate.

Rig Prices Indices

The Rig Price Index tracks the average cost per mining rig divided by its hashrate (TH), grouped into efficiency buckets. It is created through over 5,000 sales data points from Telegram, WeChat, manufacturer’s website and forums. 

Rig Reviews

One of our favorite parts of the site is the expert review per rig. Rigs are reviewed by key industry operators. Here is Steve Barbour of Upstream Data’s review of Bitmain’s Antminer S9.

Followed up by Marty Bent of Great America Mining. According to Marty, the Whatsminer M20s will be this generation’s S9.

Mining Colocations

Although everyone is familiar with mining colocations, there aren’t many places that list multiple in one view. The Farms page shows miners various options on where they can host their machines.