Litecoin Hash Rate, Miner Revenue, & Price Down Since Halving

Litecoin hash rate graphed since May.
Source: CoinMetrics

The hash rate deployed on the Litecoin network has declined since the block reward halving took place on the 5th of August. Hash rate declined from 426 EH/s on the day of the halving to 317 EH/s on August 17th. The revenue Litecoin miners have been generating has also been declining with data from CoinMetrics showing that daily average revenue dropped 16% from figures recorded last week. The daily average fees users are paying to use the Litecoin network dropped from $2k observed last week to $1.2k. The price of litecoin has depreciated over 14% since the halving.

Litecoin price graph

Source: CoinMetrics State of the Network