Litecoin miner revenue drops since halving

Litecoin Miner Revenue Declines After Halving

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The revenue Litecoin miners are earning steeply dropped after the block reward halving taking place on the 5th of August. The average daily revenue Litecoin miners are earning dropped to $0.6 million from $1.4 million last week. The hash rate for the network also underwent a decline dropping to a low of 358 TH/s on August 7th. It has since recovered to 413 TH/s on August 10th according to data from CoinMetrics. It is logical to observe a decrease in hash rate post halving as inefficient miners are likely struggling to mine enough LTC to meet production costs. The average daily revenue Bitcoin miners are earning increased 6.2% from last week to $22.5 million with a 44% increase observed in fees paid by users to transact on the network.

Litecoin network hash rate

Source: CoinMetrics State of the Network