Litecoin miner revenue steadies

Litecoin Miner Revenue Steadies After Halving Declines

Miner revenue and fees in major proof-of-work cryptocurrencies.
Data from the 21st to the 27th of August, Source: CoinMetrics

The average daily revenue Bitcoin miners are earning has increased over the past week according to data from CoinMetrics. Bitcoin miners generated an average daily income of $20.1 million, up from an average of $19.3 million the week before. The increase in revenue is observed despite a 20.1% decrease in the average daily fees users are paying to transact on the network. Average daily revenue for Litecoin miners remained relatively unchanged week-on-week. Significant declines in miner revenue and hash rate for the Litecoin network have been observed since the halving on the 5th of August. The steadiness in revenue week-on-week may indicate that Litecoin miners are adjusting to the reduced block subsidy amount.

Source: CoinMetrics State of the Network