Poolin Overtakes BTC.com as Dominant Mining Pool

On the 16th of September, Poolin overtook BTC.com for the position of the mining pool with the largest share of hash rate. Both are currently fluctuating between the first and second place with each having an approximate total hash rate of 13.5 EH/s. 

BTC.com was the dominant mining pool in both the first and second quarter this year. Research from TokenInsight shows BTC.com holding a 19.86% share of the total hash rate in Q2 and a 15.42% share of hash rate in Q1. Over these quarters, Poolin was ranked 3rd in Q1 with a 12.38% share of hash rate and 4th in Q2 with a 9.87% share of hash rate. 

However, the rankings of pools may be in for a significant shift over the second half of the year with Poolin moving to second place and first place over the past weeks. In August, Alejandro De La Torre transitioned from the BTC.com team to Poolin where he currently acts as VP.

Sources: BTC.com, TokenInsight