Zcash miner profitability drops

Zcash Miner Profitability Declines Amid Block Reward Uncertainty

Zcash price over the past year superimposed with miner profitability estimates.
Source: TradeBlock

Institutional trading tools provider TradeBlock estimate that commercial Zcash miners are experiencing decreased profitability. The decline is mainly attributed to the significant drops in Zcash price over recent months. At the time of writing, Zcash (ZEC) has depreciated 8.55% against the US Dollar year-to-date. Mining profitability levels were significantly higher in May and June as ZEC prices appreciated to levels above $100. The price currently trades at $52.21 on Kraken. Debates among the Zcash community regarding how the block reward will be split after the next network upgrade in October 2020 has been identified as a potential driver of the ZEC price underperformance.

Zcash percentage price performance since the start of 2019.
Source: TradingView.com

Source: TradeBlock, TradingView.com