Luxor Mining

Updated: December 2019

Luxor Mining is a North American mining pool which supports multiple cryptocurrencies. Luxor launched in January 2018 initially providing mining pools for the Decred and Sia networks. Luxor has since expanded to support multiple other altcoin networks and announced the launch of a Bitcoin mining pool in October 2019 at MinerSummit. Luxor currently supports the following cryptocurrency networks – Bitcoin, Zcash, Monero, Horizen, Decred, Sia, LBRY, Aion, Komodo, Pirate and Sia Prime. Luxor also has a feature that allows users of altcoin mining pools to receive payments in Bitcoin.

The Luxor Mining Bitcoin mining pool employs a Pay Per Share+ (PPS+) reward scheme which regularly distributes payments based on shares (valid block templates) submitted by miners connected to the pool. Payments are split proportional to the number of shares submitted by each miner. PPS+ also distribute a share of the transaction fees to each miner connected to the pool.

Luxor Mining was founded in 2017 by Nick Hansen (CEO), Ethan Vera (CFO), Eddie Wang (CTO), and Guzman Pintos (Head of Growth).

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