Updated: November 2019

NovaBlock is a Bitcoin mining pool focused on the North American mining market. NovaBlock is headquartered in San Jose with independent offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Calgary.

NovaBlock gathered hash rate from customers privately in 2018 and became public with their operations in August 2019. As of November 2019, the pool is the 12th largest in terms of hash rate.

Yuki Sun and Charles Popper act as co-CEOs of NovaBlock. Yuki formerly worked in Global Business Development for Bitmain and

NovaBlock’s pooling operations are entirely focused on Bitcoin with no support for altcoin mining pools. NovaBlock employs its own reward scheme branded NovaPPS+. NovaPPS+ is modelled on the pay per share (PPS) payout scheme whereby miners connected to the pool receive regular payouts based on the proportion of hash rate they contribute. With NovaPPS+, miners connected to NovaBlock also collect a proportion of the transaction fees.

Further to mining pool services, NovaBlock specializes in software and infrastructure projects for mining operations. NovaBlock engineers have designed a Smart Modular Data Center (SMDC) product, to optimize the design of data centres dedicated to mining. NovaBlock engineers have also been experimenting with liquid immersion solutions.

NovaBlock has announced that they will be carrying out a global mining tour in 2020. The global mining tour will host meetups in North America, Canada, Asia, and Europe. Dallas, Calgary, Nursultan, and Chengdu are among the cities scheduled to have meetups.

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